Racial Equity Training

UCCRO has developed a training to build the capacity of our leaders and our organizations to understand & advance racial equity. This has been useful in building deeper relationships and alliances across ethnic and religious communities. This also has allowed us to authentically advocate for solutions that are racially equitable for all communities of color.

Our curriculum is for grassroots organizers & advocates who are ready to work together towards advancing racial equity, leading with a human rights perspective. It has been developed by and for leaders and community members. This curriculum is NOT about diversity, anti-bias, prejudice or who is or isn’t a racist. We focus on structural racism and provide strategic racial equity tools to dismantle it.


Consultation & Retainer Fee – $250

1/2 Day Training (4 hours) – $1,000

Full Day Training (8-9 hours) – $3,000

2 Day Training (Includes follow up consultation/implementation plan) – $5,000

UCCRO-offered annual training (Minimum of 13 people) – $300

For More Information please contact:

Alheli Irizarry – Lead Trainer

773.599.3624 or at airizarry@unitedcongress.org