Our Timeline


UCCRO helps pass SB100 which limits the use of suspensions and expulsions plus eliminates disciplinary fines for all public school students.


UCCRO helps pass Juvenile Expungement Bill SB0978 which annually clears the backlog for juveniles arrested but not convicted or arrested on a low level offense and allows youth to apply for multiple expungements on the same petition.

UCCRO helps pass School Data Transparency Bill SB2793 requiring CPS to publically release information concerning student disciplinary actions and submit improvement plans for excessive school discipline.


UCCRO has weekly presence in Springfield and builds key relationships within and between the Black and Latino Caucuses and passes three key initiatives at the state level

UCCRO moves Black Caucus to support the SB957 to allow undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses UCCRO helps

LYFE Coalition win $14 million in the budget for youth employment funding

UCCRO helps pass SB1659 providing $1,500 tax credit for employers who hire ex-offenders within three years of release UCCRO passes SR328 recognizing the issue of prison-based gerrymandering for the first time.


Collective advocacy strategy team meets with 47 legislators, getting 59 cosponsors on six bills in one day.

UCCRO passes HB4510 The Asian American Employment Plan, the state’s first Asian American bill ever. Signed into law

UCCRO cosponsors Youth Employment Town Hall with over 250 youth from across 30 different communities as a proactive response to address growing youth violence in the city

UCCRO holds first annual UCCRO Convention with 100 leaders to approve UCCRO platform


UCCRO releases Illinois’ first Grassroots Human Rights Report Card on Racial Equity including review and grades to all state legislators

UCCRO’s Racial Equity Redistricting Coalition of 53 organizations across the state supports UCCRO’s Unity Map calling for 57 majority-minority districts protects Black senate districts, 3 new Latino districts, and creates Illinois’ first four Asian-American districts while protecting key communities of interest.


UCCRO publishes Illinois’ first Grassroots Human Rights Policy Guide for Racial Equity and interactive website. Submitted on record for United Nations Universal Periodic Review of Human Rights in the U.S.

UCCRO Census Coalition reaches 27,000 households. Increases census participation rates by up to 15 percent in Chicago’s hard- est to count communities.

UCCRO Human Rights Delegation of nine leaders register voters in Arizona to support immigrant rights


UCCRO invited by Paris mayor to keynote at Human Rights Conference in France

Human Rights Town Hall—200 leaders and legislators connect issues of criminal justice and immigration with a race and human rights framework.

Grassroots Human Rights Summit with 400 leaders and organizers from Chicago, Michigan, Indiana, New York, England, and South Africa


State of Unity Summit in Springfield, IL. 300 leaders deliver racial equity report cards to legislators

Albany Park Neighborhood Council, West Town Leadership United and Metropolitan Area Groups for Igniting Civilization join UCCRO

Intergenerational Grassroots Human Rights Leadership Initiative reaches 250 youth since.


Black Lived Experience in Auburn Gresham, Mexican Lived Experience in Little Village, Black and Immigrant Lived Experience in Albany Park, and Muslim Lived Experience in Auburn Gresham with over 2,000 leaders


United Congress founded by Rev. Patricia Watkins and Dale Asis