Current Legislation

UCCRO 2019-2020 Legislative Agenda

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SB2282 Removing Invisible Bars Act (IMAN/UCCRO)
Sen. Collins
Amends a condition of parole that would otherwise re-incarcerate a parolee for preforming community work, limits techni- cal violations to serious conditions such as committing new crimes, saving the state millions of dollars. In fiscal year 2014 over 11,000 parolees were returned to prison, 8295 were from technical violations alone, at a cost of over $185 million dol- lars. Passed both chambers, awaiting governor signature.

SB 2370 Legal Representation for Minors During Custodial Interrogation (UCCRO)
Sen. Van Pelt- Sen. Hunter- Sen. Collins
Ensures that minors under 15 who are being held for custodial interrogation for a homicide or sexual offense have legal representation for the duration of the process, interrogation of juveniles for a felony offense will be videotaped, and law enforcement will utilize a simplified version of Miranda Warnings to help juveniles understand their rights before being interrogated. Passed both chambers, awaiting governor signature.

Decriminalizing Poverty (CU/UCCRO)
Sen. Hutchinson, Rep. Sims
Reclassifies low level felonies to misdemeanors and eliminating or reducing jail time. A substantial portion of money saved from redirecting individuals from prison is reinvested into the community for job training, mental health, pre-K programs and opportunities for living-wage jobs, affordable housing, and other programs within the community.
** Reimagine Justice Illinois Campaign**

Eliminating Unnecessary Arrest K-12 (CU/UCCRO)
Sen. Biss, Rep. Welch
Stops youth from being arrested for minor infractions. Arrests would only be made for actions considered a felony outside of school grounds.
** Reimagine Justice Illinois Campaign**

Retention of Police Misconduct Records (UCCRO)
Sen. Van Pelt
Stops the destruction of vital police misconduct records, preserving patterns of negative behavior reported against police officers. Records will permanently remain in the system and subject to FOIA as ruled in 2014.

FOIA Police Camera Video Cameras/Documents (UCCRO)
Sen. Van Pelt, Rep. Turner
Amends FOIA to include body and dash camera footage. Establishes that videos related to the discharge of officer’s firearm and/or an officer involved death are subject to FOIA, except when exemption is approved by a judge.