Racial Equity and
Human Rights Policies

The United Congress promotes advocates for racially equitable policies that promote human rights. Our priority policy areas are education, employment, health, public safety, and wealth.

Education is a core issue of the United Congress. Quality education is a fundamental right of all Illinoisans. Education is crucial in preparing Illinoisans to be productive members of society as well as fully participate in civic life. Illinois’ inequitable school funding system has left many low-income students and students of color in overcrowded and under-resourced schools with less-qualified teachers and insufficient bilingual education programs. These inequities have not produced opportunities for many of the state’s students—especially students of color—to reach their full potential.

Employment is a core issue of the United Congress. People of color face disproportionately high unemployment rates, chronic underemployment, and an over-concentration in low-wage job markets. Workplace discrimination, lower wages, and lower rates of employer-provided healthcare are added barriers to the economic self-sufficiency of families of color in Illinois.

Health Equity is a core issue of the United Congress. People of color are disproportionately uninsured and unable to access quality healthcare. Culturally and linguistically competent healthcare is often not provided to Illinois’ immigrant communities and communities of color, further exacerbating racial health disparities. Providing affordable quality healthcare and closing racial health gaps are a matter of life and death for Illinois families.

Public Safety
Public safety is a core issue of the United Congress. Communities across the state have been overcome by the impact of drugs, incarceration, and the nearly hopeless reentry from prison of 35 thousand Illinoisans annually. Illinois—and Chicago in particular—has a long history of racial profiling, discriminatory sentencing, police misconduct and wrongful convictions. Criminal justice reform that addresses re-entry issues and promotes “no-entry” policies are needed to promote public safety for our communities.

Wealth Stratification is a core issue of the United Congress. Historic segregation, racial redlining and discrimination have contributed to the growing racial wealth divide. Today, Illinoisans are less likely to receive a quality education, graduate from college, have good paying jobs with employer provided healthcare and benefits, own their own homes, or have access to financial institutions needed to build wealth and provide a better quality of life for their families and future generations.